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Legacy In Action

Hosted By: Talia Rodriguez

Fridays at 10am 

"Talia Talks" is built on the premise that access to media and media broadcasting platforms and technologies for the BIPOC community is very much part of the mission for actualizing full civil rights. The show is focused on bringing relevant information about change agents, economic
restorative justice, and future areas of interest for our BIPOC students and staff on campus. Guests are invited to speak about their projects and their unique perspectives relative to leadership in the BIPOC community.

About the Host

Photo Of  Talia Rodriguez holding a microphone

Talia Rodriguez

Talia is a staff person in the office of civic and community engagement, she works on a project dedicated to her home neighborhood the West Side. Along with being a radio host Talia is a mother, a columnist, and a small business advocate. She is the keeper of the only Latina Exclusive Business Directory in New York State - WWW.LIBNY.US. She lives in the West Side with her five year old son, who is also a published author. They both love museums, art, books and baseball.